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In its extensive factory facilities, DCE Holne specialises in producing high precision machinery components, mainly for use in the aerospace, defence, medical and telecommunication industries, providing a service to customers in the UK and throughout Europe.

A high level of expertise has been developed in the machining of exotic alloys such as Kovar and Titanium.

DCE Holne are renowned specialists in the precision machining of fibre optic components, recognised internationally for superior quality.


The Company

Originally established in 1979, By Mr Reg Chapman, DCE Holne was acquired in Autumn 2020 and has since joined the Edwin Lowe Group in early 2021.

The company has continuously grown with the demand for its services, backed by a highly skilled workforce and experienced management team. Located in the small Devonshire town of Buckfastleigh, within easy access to the A38 (The Devon Expressway) and the M5 motorway.

Mr M Kaleem and Mr Gary Alden are now Managing Directors, with Gary based out of our Buckfastleigh facility.

Since the acquisition, The Edwin Lowe Group have invested in additional machinery and IT, increasing capacity, capability and efficiency.

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